Dear Travellers,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Like every year many of us are longing to travel again to distant places.
The German author Wilhelm Busch wrote a long time ago that we often realize much too late
what joys in life we have missed: the pursuit of happiness, the beauty of nature, health, culture and travelling —
Therefore, he recommended: Get wise now! It’s high time ! Travel, travel, travel!
Helping you do that has been our business for 20 years now. We advise clients when selecting from the enormous variety of catalogue offers, make suggestions for convenient travel routes and look for the best prices.
Besides the general touristic services – like package tours by train, bus, plane, ship or car – we specialise in worldwide flight reservations, individual tours on the Northamerican continent , on photographic or nature study tours for a hobby holiday.
To the English and Spanish speaking travellers from abroad we offer our incoming services and arrange accommodation and transportation within the German Rhine-Main area between Cologne and Francfurt.
We kindly ask you to let us know your plans and wishes. We’ll gladly submit an offer as soon as possible.

Karla Hoppe